Vision & Mission


One step ahead: A diverse business world that is ahead of the times. Inclusive companies that have broken down old structures and opened innovative career paths. Sustainable brands that live equality and gender diversity – that’s our vision!

Our mission is to make the world more diverse, accelerate gender equality, increase the percentage of women in leadership and digital professions, and advocate for equitable participation of all in business and society.

To do this, we work in a highly purpose-driven way in an extremely dynamic environment. We design events with curated content, giving experts, female leaders, women in tech & IT a stage and ensure their visibility, their reach, and a huge network.

Our events bring concentrated female empowerment, showcasing the role models of our time and inspiring young professionals to follow their example. In this way, we sustainably accelerate equal opportunities at all corporate levels and raise awareness for diversity, equity, and inclusion.


What started as a small networking event in Berlin has advanced to a growing company that has realized more than 400 events in the past three years! These include engaging panel formats, high-reach events surrounding female empowerment, employer branding, and talent acquisition.

In the conception and realization of these events, we keep both our community and the corporate goals of our collaborative partners in mind. In this way, we create events with real impact. These include projects for the public sector as well as recognizing the digital innovation leaders of our time with the Digital Female Leader Award and FemBizSwiss Award ceremonies.

The Team


Diversity is about all of us. Precisely because globalisation is making the world smaller and more accessible, we need to appreciate and properly celebrate its diversity in all areas. Because only then will we become stronger, more creative, more intelligent and more innovative.

Jessica Babekuhl
Social Media & Partner Marketing Managerin
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Diversity means recognising and valuing the inner and outer diversity of each individual and creating an inclusive environment in which every person has the same opportunities to develop their full potential. The opportunities for this are as varied as the diversity in our society itself.

Diana Becker
Event- & Programm-Manager
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What motivates me to make the world of work more diverse is the sobering prediction that, at the current rate, it would take another 100 years for general gender parity to prevail in companies! Standing idly by is not an option.

Sedef Uhlmann
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Marco Duller-Onaran

Diversity is the driver of innovation! Whether it's developing a product, programming an app, or designing the best idea. Without diversity, companies will not survive in the future!

Marco Duller-Onaran
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Diversity means nothing more than recognising the need to give all population groups a voice and to value their input. At the end of the day, we all want to be heard, seen, taken seriously and fairly remunerated for our work.

Loretta Sourayya Isabella Frick
Senior Manager Strategic Partnerships & Events
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Tijen Onaran

Diversity does not mean one, diversity means many! And that's exactly what we need more of: More diversity at all levels and in all fields. If you stand for diversity, you stand for the future!

Tijen Onaran
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Simone de Beauvoir already said "live individually & fight collectively". Because advantages for some mean obstacles for others. An inclusive understanding of diversity therefore means recognising gender-specific, racist and homophobic prejudices as a problem for society as a whole and finding collective solutions.

Lena Pfeiffer
Senior Copy Writer & Social Media Manager
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Diversity is the invitation that every unique identity is welcome. This means that all doors are open to everyone, no matter what they look like, what their background is, what gender they identify with or what their sexual orientation is.

Selina Tarras
Werkstudentin Social Media & Events
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Diverse companies win. They draw from an innovative pool of ideas and simply create the better products or services. That plays into the bottom line! Everyone benefits from diversity: society, business, and politics.

Cem Onaran
Head of Finance
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Diversity goes far beyond obvious differences and is the key to a dynamic, resilient and fair society. Diversity is a valuable asset for innovation, because only in a diverse environment do different ideas and perspectives come together and lead to creative solutions.

Maren Irmer
Social Media Managerin
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